„…great fun, above all this movie proves romantic comedies don`t need to look dull!“



I think it is fair to say that „All about Bob“ was ahead of its time. I would have probably never done it if it hadn´t been impossible to raise any money for another “dark” movie after „Menschenfresser“. It seemed like only a couple of French art house lovers had seen it. Too dark, to creepy, too weird, too artsy. Do a comedy stupid! Even though most people outside of Germany will hardly believe it, Germany is comedy country. No other genre is as popular and as regularly successful as the comedy stuff, it is basically the only box office genre in Germany. Ahead of its time? Well, first of all, it was not planned to be a feature film but a comedy series about a very patchy patchwork family (like „Modern Family“ 10 years later), but no TV station wanted to risk it. Secondly, the whole Milf „moms having young lovers“ phenomenon was not yet on the map nor was it any kind of social common sense. I guess that´s why even today some people would like to do a remake of it.