Jahrreiss was born in Mainz, Rhineland to a dead Jewish father and a lively German mother / he took his first photo at the age of six with a Porst Lucky which was given to him as a birthday present / since that day Jahrreiss is fascinated by „making pictures“ of any kind graduated from high school in 1984 vowing never to attend another school again / mainly worked as freelance photographer during the following years and wrote first movie scripts among them „Der Menschenfresser“, which later became his first film / in 1987 he moved to Los Angeles to be around the movie people but ended up doing radio shows for American Radio Network / two years later, still not having made a movie, Jahrreiss broke his vow and enrolled as guest student at the HFF film school in Munich, only to switch sides again one year later accepting an offer by the Filmakademie B/W to work as lecturer for „directing“ / 1993 he made his first movie „Der Menschenfresser“ in co-production with Studio Babelsberg and later that year following his love for theater directed „Heart Throb“ at the National Theater in Mannheim / 1995 started to successfully work as director for different TV fiction programs, among them the award winning series „Balko“ / made the comedy “Alles Bob“ (All about Bob) after a true story in 1998 winning no prizes and the drama „ZOOMone year later after no story winning a lot of prizes / read about 50 Hollywood scripts but only got offered the wrong ones / returned to Germany in 2002 to pursue a prolific career as director in the advertisement industry / in 2004 he suspended his movie career to take pictures of walls which he exhibited as the cycle „I Muri“ for the first time in Hamburg 2006, Berlin 2007 / wrote the autobiographical script „Ungefilte Fisch“ retitling it „Me & Bobby McGee“ which didn´t help to get it on screen, written and directed the movie „Man Loves Woman“ instead (2009) which combined his interest for film and theater by having only two actors impersonate all main characters of the story, released in 2011 under the title „Die Relativitätstheorie der Liebe“, since then continuously working as independent director, author and artist of different genres.