On a train ride the novelist Rosa R. encounters a stranger, who introduces himself as maneater. Assuming to expose the man as a harmless goof she embarks on the macabre situation and decides despite the obvious threat not to leave the compartment under any circumstances. As they travel through the night however, her confidence is dwindling, given the certainty of the man who reveals his passion in increasingly detailed descriptions and actions. As she only finds refuge in the fiction of her book, the main characters of the novel are now the stranger and her own alter ego. First hints condense into a paranoid interpretation of reality, which becomes fiction which becomes reality, Rosa succumbs to her own madness, a game of life and death approaches inexorably to an end.


year  1993
tech specs  91min,35mm,color
world sales  LOOKS Film & TV GmbH
production  JASS Film, Studio Babelsberg GmbH
director  Otto Alexander Jahrreiss
screenplay  Otto Alexander Jahrreiss
dop  Hans Grimmelmann
editor  Brigitte Krex
production designer  Dieter Adam
costume designer  Aenne Plaumann
music  Karl Ernst Sasse
producer  Martin Ganz, Otto Alexander Jahrreiss
in association with  ARTE, ZDF, Filmförderung Hamburg


Novelist/Rosa Irene Kugler
Maneater/Otto Helmut Lorin
Kaspar Winfried Wagner
Adolf Christoph Engel
Adolf´s Wife Sina Fiedler-Engel
Rudolf´s Wife Ursula Staack
Theo  Michael Schenk
Hans Herbert Sand
Carla Christa Birkner
Snack Vendor Bruno Winzen
Old Lady Edith Teichmann
Young Girl Rebecca Mosselmann
et al.  


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