A lonely woman wants to commit suicide and is rescued at the last moment by a man whose existence she just threatened to destroy.

A man wants to murder his adulterous wife, but becomes a savior instead when she accidentally knocks herself out, a turn which makes him realize that he cannot live without her.

A woman, desperately wanting to be a mother, must, due to medical implications, become pregnant immediately but cannot find a suitable man until a very unlikely candidate crosses her path and turns out to be just the right one.

A man wants to finally end the joyless marriage to his esoteric wife only to find comfort and sympathy in his wife’s sister who´s giving him back the faith in love.

One actress, one actor – ten characters! In four interwoven stories full of unexpected twists, happy and fateful coincidences, the congenial duo Katja Riemann and Olli Dittrich follow the winding road in search of love.


year 2010
tech specs 93min,35mm,color,dolby dts
production UFA Cinema
director Otto Alexander Jahrreiss
screenplay Otto Alexander Jahrreiss
dop Hannes Hubach
editor Piet Schmelz
prod.designer Sabine Rudolph
costume designer Ute Paffendorf, Michael Zinn
sound  Ed Cantu
make up (Riemann) Jeanette Latzelsberger, Gregor Eckstein, Karin Stattmann
make up (Dittrich) Brigitte Frank, Michele Thevenet
music Martin Todsharow
casting Tröber Casting
line producer Patrick Zorer
producer Nina Maag
executive producer Nico Hofmann, Thomas Friedl, Wolf Bauer, Jürgen Schuster
in association with Degeto, Filmstiftung NRW


Peggy Gablenz Katja Riemann
Gabriela Mattowitz Katja Riemann
Maria Schwarzwälder Katja Riemann
Alexa Matto Katja Riemann
Eva von Rade Katja Riemann
Frieder von Rade Olli Dittrich
Paul Mattowitz Olli Dittrich
Stevie Lehmann Olli Dittrich
Youssef al Bustani Olli Dittrich
Yogi Swami Adi Olli Dittrich
Hanno Leonard Carow
Merat Sara Fazilat
Texter Jochen Wigand
Kontakter Tobias Schulze
Grafiker Mirko Lang
Sekretärin Pujeh Taghdisi
Moni Gabriele Schäfer
Nadja Heppner Katharina Groth
Stumpe Daniel Borgwardt
Hallstein Stefan Nagel
Helmut Bruno F.Apitz
et al.  


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